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      What makes Chef Matt's Arizona Honey Habanero BBQ Sauces so unique?

 Chef Matt's Arizona Honey Habanero BBQ Sauces contain absolutely NO Fat, No cholesterol and are naturally low in sugar. We feature Hot, Mild and Raspberry versions of our award winning sauce.
     We also use the very best of "Branded" ingredients that you have known and trusted for years. We use Budweiser Beer and Heinz Tomato Ketchup as 2 of our primary ingredients. We most certainly could use cheaper ingredients but, it just wouldn't be the same!
     For people that are comfortable in the kitchen and like to experiment with different food combinations to achieve a desired outcome, you will really appreciate the effort and care that goes into Chef Matt's recipes. 
     There are many, many wonderful flavors that can be achieved by adding ingredients at just the right time during the cooking process.  We utilize this method to get the very unique flavor profile of Chef Matt's Arizona Honey Habanero BBQ Sauces.
    For instance, We start each batch of our Honey Habanero BBQ Sauces the same way every time. Budweiser beer straight from keg and Bourbon whiskey! 17% of each recipe is beer and bourbon!  Compare that to High Fructose corn syrup. Then we add fresh onions and garlic and bring it to a rolling boil.  We are accomplishing 2 things here.  By removing the alcohol and putting the beer flavor into the vegetables we have incorporated a very critical flavor exchange.  If we added the onions and garlic later it would be the difference of onion flavored beer instead of beer flavored onions.  See what we mean? 
    Our sauces are cooked and bottled hot at the peak of perfection. Taste, aroma and thickness have all got to be perfect before we will put a lid on each bottle.  Try our sauces and appreciate the effort that goes into each and every recipe and bottle for yourself.  A true Recipe that you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

See what Eric Devlin of HOME OF BBQ says in his review.

Here is a quote from that review:

"The flavors blend well and provide a pretty unique profile. This is the sauce that should have been made instead of the recent spate of products that license a major brewery’s name and then proceed to make a tasteless and lifeless sauce."

Why does my Food taste so much better when I use Chef Matt's Products?

   It's the Habanero peppers and the science attached to capsaicin . If you think back to when you were a child in school and you were learning about your senses, you probably saw a diagram of a tongue with different zones or areas with flavor receptors. Remember how your flavor receptors detected saltiness, sour flavors, sweetness and so on?  Well when capsaicin is ingested it unlocks ALL your flavor receptors and can quite possibly send "overload" messages to the brain.  In response your mouth fills with pain, you begin to sweat, your eyes begin to tear, your nose will begin to run and so on. This is your body's way of counteracting the effects of the capsaicin. More directly it’s the Endorphins being released by your brain.

   So whats all that got to do with Chef Matt's Honey Habanero BBQ Sauces? Easy! We use Habanero chiles to unlock your flavor receptors.  Most Foods (prepackaged) will contain high levels of sodium chloride or better known as salt . They are accomplishing the same thing; stimulating your taste buds.  What we have done is use the habanero chile to unlock your taste buds. Therefore we use less salt and less sugars.  Chicken tastes more chickeny, beef tastes more beefy, shrimp more shrimpy and well....You get the idea.
    Thats it! We also use Honey to smooth out the comfortable heat of Chef Matt's BBQ Sauces and to help coat any foods that you will grill. When mixed with the smoke and cooking process, a real magic takes place that again,can only happen when grilling over an open flame. We hope this helps you decide to try our sauces. We like to say that, “We create food compliments as well as condiments”.


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