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    Chef Matt"s thanks the Miles Label Company.   Miles Label Company of Tucson delivers a quality product backed up by terrific customer service. From the sales staff  (Dave) to the Art department (Kevin) and all the men and woman in the printing department, they will exceed your expectations as they have for us. For nearly a decade now of doing business, Miles Labels continues to be a great company. You can find them here.

                     Chef Matt's Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce   Mild

Our original Recipe Of Beer, Bourbon, Fresh Garlic, Onions and our magical blend of Honey and Habanero chiles. This is the one that started it all! No Fat -No Cholesterol and low in sugar. This is a true sauce made to enhance anything you use it on.

Chef Matt's own Honey and Habanero Hot sauce.Honey and Habanero peppers are our signature and now it is brought to you in a Hot sauce. Same great flavor and Quality you have come to expect from Chef Matt's but now in a Hot Sauce.It has a smooth ,flavor enhancing taste without the vinegar profile of most other national brands.

Texas Hold’em All In – No Limit Hot Sauce is the Original! The taste is Texas Sized and could only be contained in a TEXAS sized 6.5 oz FLASK! Searing Texas heat! Habanero chili peppers harvested form Hell itself gives this a heat that only the surface of the sun could match! Don’t be fooled by the soon to be legions of wannabes and imitators. There are several out on the market now!  Order up yourself a FLASK of the Original Texas Hold’em All In – No Limit Hot Sauce and sit back with your favorite meal and sweat it out for yourself! This sauce will make you fold your “nuts” at any Texas Hold’em table. Real Chili Heads eat Texas Hold’em All In – No Limit Hot Sauce.”

We call this the Thank You Label. It combines the best of both worlds. There is a reserved area on the label for you to tape a business card to leave after services performed. A great way of thanking your customers for using your company and your services. From Real Estate to Plumbing, it is a tasteful way of showing your gratitude. It will leave a lasting impression long after a business card has been thrown away, discarded or misplaced.  At only $5.00 per bottle it won't break the bank either.  Bye the way, the sauce itself is our Honey Habanero "Mild BBQ" and wins over friends every time.

Basically labeled as a fundraising tool for FireDepartments.  We have now produced a retail bottle in a 16 oz package and artwork on loan from the Lassen National Forest Service at Chester Fire base in California. This label is a real show stopper and will be featured in New Mexico at the Fiery-Foods and Barbecue show. It comes with a wrist band to show your support of "Americas' Bravest".  Made from 100% silicone just like the famous "Livestrong" bracelets.

You guessed it!  Our world famous BBQ Sauce with the perfect note of fresh raspberries blended in.  This is not a sugary sweet BBQ sauce.  It actually is perfect for high dollar proteins.  Shrimp, Steak, Pork Tenderloin, Salmon or any other seafood.  Our best selling and the most unique of our sauces guaranteed to win you over! Truly, love at first bite!